Elie Saab Haute Couture SS16

HBS-Elie-Saab-HC-SS16-backstage-5-1200x800Hello Ladies!!  Let’s forget about Monday Blues and enjoy my Paris Fashion Week reviews that start today on the blog. Starting off with Elie Saab which was my favorite collection for this season, and I was so thrilled to write the review.

“Enter India”, Elie Saab’s program proclaimed on Instagram one day before the show. Yes India was his muse for the new couture collection. At first, I won’t deny but I was really surprised by this unexpected inspiration since he prefers familiar inspirations. At the same time I was extremely excited to see how Elie Saab will be able to mix between his own couture style and the traditional Indian costume or the Indian prints or fabrics etc.

Well, we should all admit that Elie Saab is continuing his Wind of Change that began in earnest with his ready to wear lineup.  So many new elements appeared in his couture collection: he is getting into Modern Couture by creating a new blend of formalism and ease, opulence and elementary lines. In general, the collection was a call and response between Edwardian silhouettes and Indian pieces.

So you’d have a white high-neck Edwardian-style dress followed by a cropped jacket with a Nehru collar and softly tailored pants trailing a split train.

They were a delightful surprise seen at Mr. Saab’s haute couture show:

From the embroidered tailored suits, crystalline camisole, lace-up combat boots, mini backpacks, belt bags, beaded hats and sandals —all in metallic shades.  Now personally, I have always been a fan of Sari!! You know what happens when your favorite designer renew your favorite traditional costume? If you don’t then I will tell you: PERFECTION. Literally, Elie Saab showed us for how innovative he is. He took the Sari look into whole new different level. Absolutely in love. Last but not least, The Bride. As usual, the Elie Saab’s bride is always distinctive. It was inspired by India as well and it has a sari-like sash thrown over the head. And for the color, I can’t describe it till now.  Since it was hard to pick my favorite dresses, I posted the whole collection! Hahaha! Enjoy.





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