Style your leather skirt with Maria

Contribution by Maria Nassar: Hello ladies!! Leather has been one of the hottest trends this year: You can wear it either in winter or spring. Also leather items are so versatile and can be worn in many different ways. Personally , I got my eyes  on leather skirts  :  it gives you the feminine and edgy style at the same time. So you can wear them in a casual or classy way , it doesn’t matter.

Outfit 1:  I picked my fringed leather skirt. Fringes as well are so trendy. Nothing is better than the combination between leather and denim! Actually, you should be daring and mix fabrics and prints. I kept it casual by wearing my favorite pair of black boots. To finish off the look, I added a statement necklace.

Outfit 2: for the second outfit, I wore a simple pencil leather skirt.  Then I paired with my black crop top and threw on a light striped cardigan. One note to yourself that Leather skirt is such a statement piece, so always make sure to keep your outfit simple. It will stand out!



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