Louis Vuitton FW16: Futuristic Forest


As we say: Save the best for the last. This sentence describes perfectlyThe Louis Vuitton show which was one of the best shows of the season.Nicolas Ghesquiere nailed it and got the highest mark. He represented “Ready to wear” as its best easy wearable pieces for every day.Before talking about the collection, Can we just explain the insane setup? Ghesquière was mining his own history. He said, “We had an idea of this trip, of a woman who could be a digital heroine, like Tomb Raider, when she discovers an archaeological site.”  He took us into the underwater world, you feel like you are lost in an ocean. Actually there were columns everywhere, made in collaboration with the French artist Justin Morin, jutting out of the runway at odd angles. For those counting, there were 57 total, requiring 200,000 pieces of hand-fixed shattered mirrors.

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Ghesquiere mixed between street sporty pieces with feelings and fluid sensuality. On the sporty side, there were mohair sweaters, red leather pants, jackets with arrow details on the chest, color-blocked stretchy knit shirts and tube dresses. Moving on to the sensual side, there were printed midi-length dresses I loooved  the look of zip-front, molded-hip jackets worn with loose pants, and waist coats with exaggerated storm flaps. The bag I felt for it was: the one which was softly structured style apparently modeled on a double-handled plastic shopping bag. And definitely the lace-front combat boots were the most loved pieces in this show.

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