March Beauty Favorites 

March is nearly over. Time flies so fast: 2 months and I graduate guys. Although it is a beauty post but I decided to keep you updated with my life changes. Basically, I am coming to the most stressful months ever. I am finishing school, I still cant imagine my life  without seeing my best friends each day…Also, I am staying home for one month to present my official exams, I am graduating , I am worried about  my prom look, I am worried about my major ( Still not sure about engineering): it is the major I want or what ? I need to decide asap. I am worried about not getting accepted in the university  I want and and and… Thanks GOD blogging and writing can keep me relaxed a little bit. Todays post is about my March favorites. These products were helping to look alive .

1) Bourjois Concealer:  this tiny creature makes me look awake more than coffee. Trust me, the coverage it gave me is AMAZING. Best one I tried so far.

2) Bourjois Bronzer:  You probably got bored  from the amount of people admiring this bronzer. Well , I dont blame them because it is awesome. This bronzer gives you the right amount to color/contour your face and it looks natural. Oh and it smells soooo good.

3) Bourjois  lipstick : okay few weeks ago, I went to bourjois and bought  few products as you can see. Since I am a lipstick junkie, I could not try the “ oh-so-famous”  Nudist 07  velvet lipstick. Lately I have been falling for nude lipstick, so if you have any recommendations please send them.  This one is a pretty long lasting pinky nude lipstick.  It is so convenient for spring time. I only dislike one thing about it: its smell.

4) Rimmel Provocalips : another favorite lip product because why not?  I am such a bipolar person : sometimes I love to wear nude lipsticks and sometimes  bold popping lipsticks.  “310” Little Minx is the perfect fuschia shade you are looking for.  But be careful it has a drying formula so make sure to moisturize your lips before.

 5) MaxFactor Eyeshadows:  I apparently forgot about this duo and how gorgeous are these colors. It’s called “Supernova Pearls”: it has white and brown shimmery eyeshadows.  It is perfect to create an easy everyday look.



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