Summer Hairstyles

trendssFrom weddings to work days or even beach days, we are always confused how to do our hair ? Personally, I think it is fun to try out new hairdos in summer. Trust me, a hairstyle can change your whole  outfit. Even designers were focusing alot on the beauty side including the hair and makeup. No need to mention, the stars and celebrities who are trend setters. Below you will see my favorite looks for this summer. Oh and don’t judge me if most of the picture are for Kendall. What can I do she rocks each and every hairstyle.

  1. Bubble Ponytail : From Celine  to Dior and Valentino , ponytails made a tangible apperance on the runway. However, this time it is different and more modern. So Dare to go for bubble ponytails this summer or add hair accessories, it will be great!bed49e85bf0ba027e023304bddeac50a
  2. Messy Curls : Messy hair or beach hair , whatever you would like to call it. This summer , you are allowed to walk out the door without brushing it. And dont forget to add a flower crown for a bohemian chic look !!( although Kendall’s curls here aren’t messy at all,but you got my point)0d4e37255ca3360a4400181e24dfbb62
  3. Buns, Buns , Buns: would you go for half bun , spice girls’ buns or a low chic bun ?( First one is my favoriteeeee, I had to admit)
  4. Sleek Chic : I need to try this hairstyle asapp. I think it is perfect for a wedding look.e0c9ad37d43ed532d71624fb3439fb16
  5. 90’s Braids:90’s are coming within its makeup, hair and fashion trends. I amm so into this hairstyle. And btw Beyonce is rocking ita958521b9586db73434a2d33f31532b5






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