Skin Care Routine

Wherever I go and whoever I meet are shocked when I tell them: “I never suffered from acnes or any skin problem.” Thank God because treating skin problems can be very delicate and disturbing for the person. However, it doesn’t stop me from taking care of my skin. I have to admit I am a lazy person and it is kind of hard for me to stick to a skin care routine but I forced myself in order to keep my skin as good as it has always been.

I do my routine every day in the mornings and nights,and sometimes i go for some substitutions and additions.

PS: If you have a dry, sensitive or oily skin or any form of skin problems please consult a dermatologist for i am not a professional.

First Step: Makeup Cleanser

The most important thing is to remove your makeup before you sleep. Currently, I am using the Garnier Micellar Cleansinf Water: to be honest this product is magical. With one swipe everything goes away.

Second Step: Deep Cleanser

My favorite cleanser is from Clean&Clean. I used it once and fell in love so I repurchased it. It just makes your skin look fresh, moisturized and clean.

Third Step: Exfoliator

You only exfoliate your skin twice per week. I am using this facial scrub from Clean&Clear. It removes dry and dead skin cells. Also, it is really helpful in getting a healthy and glowing skin.

Fourth Step: Toner

This is my Favorite part! Toner removes all the oils and traces of dirt. It gives extra cleansing. I am using the Nivea Toner that smells soooo good. Actually, you can find toners for different types of skin.

Fifth Step: Moisturize

After all the cleaning process your skin might get dry. That’s why you have to moisturize. I am using the Nivea Day Moisturizer with SPF30; the more protection the better.

These are the essential steps but there are some other alternative that I would do:

1) During the summer I will use some sun protection. This one i would go for is from Garnier and it has SPF 50 which is absolutely awesome.

2) Add an eye cream at night or do a DIY homemade mask (you can find tons of them on Pinterest)

3) Also moisturizing is not only for our face it’s for all the skin of the body. After my bath i use Vaseline body moisturizer. I specially focus on my knees and elbows.


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