Welcome the new chapter: Egypt

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Hello Helloo Hello people!!  it’s been a loooong time since I have been active on the blog. This absence was due to many reasons. After graduating and passing my official exams, I started planning to move to Egypt. Why Egypt ? In fact, I am originally from Egypt. And my family found the perfect time to go back to roots and meet the rest of our family. Believe or not: 18 years I know nothing about my aunts and cousins. I am really glad I get to know them , they are super amazing. It feels great to be surrounded by people you love and they love you back and care about you.Actually, my cousins made this move easier. Trust me moving from a country to another isn’t easy: Different culture, people, location, rules etc.In the following, I will be talking about everything in this country in details. Stay tuned because this post is a little bit long


The city that I live in is: Alexandria. You obviously heard about it. It is called also: The Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. In my opinion, it is one of the most charming cities I have ever seen. It has a lot similarity with Beirut.The following pictures are the places that I have visited. And in case you don’t know Alexandria is larger than Lebanon!! So,there is so many more places to discover.

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Foad Street ( very similiar to Ashrafiyeh )

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Touristic pic at Citadel of Qaitabay

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Montazah: This is the King’s Farouq Palace located in Montazah. Montazah is a place full of palm trees and gardens. Amazing Place.

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Sunset at Stanley Bridge, two days ago.

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One of the oldest Cafe in Raml Station: Delices

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The Beautiful Beach of Alexandria

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Old architecture in Manshiyah. Manshiyah contains the largest souqs in Alexandria

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Banks’ Street: All in an old architecture

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Palm Trees Everywhere

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A hidden old Church

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Very modest and colorful boats in Bahary.

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Another view of this sunset

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Another sunset I catched

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Stanley Bridge

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Lebanese Consulate in Alexandria

Food : You obviously know how much I love food!!  When we say Egyptian food it means street food. Never imagine yourself eating Egyptian food in a luxurious place. Let’s start with the most famous food : Koshary. I am in looooooooove!! You should definitely try it. According to my Lebanese followers, if you love” Mdardra” you will love the Koshary. If you ever visit Egypt, ask for Koshary Tahrir wither it in Cairo or Alexandria.

Let’s talk now about one of my favorite restaurants in Alexandria: Tikka Grill.It is a super luxurious restaurant with an amazing service, food and view. Nothing beats a dinner with a sea view in front of you.

Fitir, Fitir, Fitir . You got it ? this thing is amaaaaaaaazing. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is like multiple layers of Baqlawa soaked in butter. I advice to eat either with Feta cheese or with Honey.

Another famous street food is Foul and Falafel! This is the traditional breakfast. It is typically like Man2oushe in Lebanon. Here in Egypt, most of the people eat, approximately everyday , Foul and Falafel as a Breakfast. in you don’t know, the Egyptian Falafel is different from the Lebanese one: The Egyptian is made out of Foul but the Lebanese one is made out of Hummos and Foul

A new information to tell you is : Pasta is a famous food in Italy as well as in Egypt.

Last thing I had the chance to try in Egypt is Bedouin’s food.  there is a place called: Wa7a. it is a place where you have many tents. The tent has inside low table and pouches on the floor. You enter with bare foot and you sit on the floor and eat.  Tadaa you are set in Bedouin mood. The food is delicious delicious delicious. Should I say it more than this ?


Let’s talk about fashion. I am going to talk about two points: how fashion looks like in the streets? and where is Egypt on the Fashion Map ?

First of all, Egypt is not a luxurious country. You find a lot of poor places.So of course not so many people are interested in their out looking as much as how to get money to eat.Plus, Egypt is a conservative Islamic country: you don’t find the liberty of wearing whatever you want like in Lebanon. Actually, most of the population wear Hijab. You are not allowed to wear something revealing in the street or show a lot of skin or you will get sexual harassment. Conservative clothes is a must. You can wear shorts or revealing clothes only in specific places.

Moving on to other part of the question. Egypt is slowly marking her presence on the Fashion Map. If you watched Project Runway, you saw that Egyptians designers are talented but they need a little bit of light. Also you definitely know Hadia Ghaleb: The famous fashionista that turned into an entrepreneur. She is a CEO of a production house called GPH, that boots your business  though social media, campaigns or events. She has now a big team that she works with and two offices : one in Cairo and another in Dubai. She collaborated with many famous brands like: Stardivarius, Bvlgari, Lancome, Bershka , Massimo dutti etc. Personally, I think Hadia is the one who is improving fashion in Egypt. Hopefully, we will be able to make it worldwide.

That’s it!! To know more about my daily discoveries in Alexandria, Egypt follow me on snapchat: manalehassan and Instagram: fashionpassionm







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