Elie Saab Haute Couture SS17


How does it feel when your favorite designer presents a collection as a  tribute to your country? For those of you who don’t know, I am originally from Egypt. While I was watching the show ( live on Instagram lol), I got goosebumps, literally: These dresses inspired by Egyptian actresses in the 50’s era and Oum Khoulthoum’s song in the background left me speechless. You know why? Because Egypt is knows as a poor, non-luxurious and dirty country. It is somehow true but Egypt is full of other beautiful things: you find culture and history in all her streets, people with pure heart and always ready to help you. They know how enjoy life even with all the difficulties they faced and are still facing. Beside all of this, Elie Saab presented Egypt in whole different vision: The beauty, the elegance, the breathtaking nature, the civilization, the arabesque details etc. So, Thank you for seeing Egypt in her real state. Now, let’s talk about this overwhelming collection. 1


Elie saab is the king of the jeweled dresses that dominated the show. However, he did not let go his modern couture touch in this collection as well: there were amazing embroidered suits with a half skirt over the pants. 2

Gold, silver, blue and nude led the way, even the bride. For the second time, Saab went for a golden bride, all embroidered with Doumayt’s palm trees. _arc1068

New cuts made an appearance:  folded Off shoulders , one shoulder, halter neck and heart shaped neck.Saab used Egypt’s famous elements as embroideries motifs : Cleopatra’s eye, Doumyat’s palm trees, Nile river,  The Islamic patterns


We can’t also forget the Faten Hamama’s headband which was worn by many models. A big note to take is that the Nile gown took 3 weeks to get done: Amazing exquisite details.3


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