Christian Dior : Ready-to-wear FW17


Paris Fashion Week just kicked off.  I have to admit that Maria Grazia Chiuri is succeeding at being Dior’s creative director. At first, the Valentino vibes were always at her couture shows. Then she started to illustrate a unique and new image of Dior though her imagination.” I wanted to speak about the Dior heritage but I also wanted to speak something about me “ explained  Dior ‘s female creative director, backstage at the  Musee Rodin, talking about her second ready-to-wear collection.  In her debut collection, Maria launched the “We should be all feminists” slogan T-shirts, insisting on women empowerment.  Feminism is still and always has been on her mind. However this time it was different.  There was an almost militaristic air: a girls’ parade, coming out from World War II, rocking this military strong and unbeatable attitude.  Who said only men can fight?

1020 (21)
Fighting doesn’t necessarily mean fighting in a war. I can fight with my opinion, my culture, my knowledge etc. What am I going to fight? I am going fight any type of negativity, any person who seeks to let me down or anyone who even tries to destroy me? I am a woman and I am not a weak person. In contrary, I am very powerful person. Now let’s get back to our review._DIO0159

It seems that Blue is the new black according to Maria Grazia Chiuri. Normally, Blue refers to men but the revolutionary side of Maria decided to steal it to women.  Yes we should think out of the box a little bit: who said blue is for boys or pink is for girls? Personally, I am a girl and pink isn’t my favorite. I totally agree with Maria that we should all get detached from these stereotypes.  Why she chose blue? She chose the blue of the horizon, it is spiritual and mystical.  She chose blue because according to the Dior Archive, Christian Dior often used blue.

And the king of blue was DENIM: It was either a pair of carpenter indigo jeans or workman’s denim overalls.

Speaking about the Dior Archive, she relaunched the famous Dior monogram bags and guitar straps: something historical and retro to add to the collection.

Furthermore,  Maria brought the 1951 navy belter skirt suit back but this time in silk taffeta with hooded top. Her main goal behind this collection is to find what every woman desires in her wardrobe: From streetwear to princess fairytale dresses. She involved the real feminine nature of Dior: Black tulle ballerina dresses with astrology embroideries were the lit of the show followed by midnight blue velvet minidresses.

Also, transparency dresses made some skin appeared in the show. Last but not least, all the models were wearing black berets that completed the looks



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