Who’s behind FashionetPassion?

FashionetPassion is a fashion and lifestyle blog, found my Manale Hassan. Just a normal lebanese girl passionated about fashion,music,art and everything in between. Here we will discuss:outfit ideas,tips&tricks,music,fitness,DIY,tutorials and more.This blog will give some opportunities to get involved in the fashion world and get to know it more :because I’m planning to be a fashion designer, I hope so.Anyway, Enjoy my posts!!



 The Team

And yes, we can finally say that FashionetPassion has a team now. I want to thank them all for collaborating with me and supporting my blog. All together we will be working to make FashionetPassion stand out and make it to the top. Now let me introduce them to you.

Manale Hassan: Founder of FashionetPassion. My blog is a way to escape , to express my passion , to reveal about my extreme love for fashion.  I’m working so hard to get it bigger and bigger and trying to make more professional.  FashionetPassion is now running 10 categories and the best is yet to come!!

Yorgo Hassan: My brother. He is 14 y/o passionate about football. He is the one behind all these beautiful pictures. Special thanks to him for being patient because I’m so picky also for being an amazing photographer

Maria Nassar: She is Maria Nassar, a close friend to me. She is just passionate about art, fashion and music. Also a big animal lover. According to her , you don’t have to have a big of clothes to be stylish and able to wear different outfits. Having a small amout of clothes won’t make your outfits repetitive. That’s why She will be collaborating with me to show you how to create different outfits with one item which will  make your life easier. I hope you enjoy her journey !Screenshot_2015-03-15-11-18-46-1

Sabina Kondakji: Lucky me, I had to meet my sister from another mister. Sabina (my bff) is a 17 y/o passionate about interior design, décor & everything in between.She will be embracing her passion on my blog with her category: Décor, on adore. Everything you need to spice up your houses & getting more organized.


Rita Ziade: My name is Rita Ziade and I’m 16 years old. I’m a dancer and I’ve been dancing for about 11 years. I have a passion for fitness and nutrition and everyday I’m trying to discover many ways to live a healthier lifestyle. I am honored to collaborate with Manal Hassan to give you some tips in order to help you become healthier as well as some fun and delicious recipes and various workouts to keep you energized through the day.IMG-20150317-WA0013

Unknown:  Due to his request, I won’t relieve his identity. Believe it or not, he  is my friend for more than one year. We have never seen each other but we are really close. He is a really creative person and number one supporter to my blog. He actually proposed to do a category concerning men’s fashion and I really love the idea and accepted. So he will give you boys the latest tip & tricks about dressing up and some lifestyle posts also.

Enjoy the posts <3!!

With my lovexoxo….


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