Do It Yourself

I hope you love crafty stuff as much as I do. In this categories, we will offer DIY ideas about fashion, accessories, cooking and Decor.

DIY Easter Decorations

hero-easter-decorations-720x460Contribution by FTD: Around Easter flowers start to bloom and the weather gets warmer. We embrace these changes by swapping out those winter colors in our wardrobe and decor with bright and cheery hues. And Easter is just one more reason to embrace these bright colors and decorate!



DIY New Year Decoration

ideas-wonderful-new-years-eve-party-decorations-ideas-new-yearsContribution by Sabina Kondakji: Christmas plans are almost over, now it is the time to plan for New year’s eve. I don’t know if you are like me because I always prefer spending this night at home with my friends. I think it is safer nowadays. So if you are planning on throwing a party at your place then you gotta check these easy DIY  New year’s decoration. One thing you should know is : You gotta fill your house with a lot of gold, glitter, sparkles and confetti . (more…)

Ways to decorate your bedroom for fall

Contribution By Sabina Kondakji : Fall is coming, which is my favorite season of the year and It’s time to get our house cozy for the upcoming cold weather. As well as you need to do some changes to set yourself in a fall-ish mood. The good news is that there are plenty of easy changes you can make to turn your bedroom into a cozy space. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.


How to Decorate your white wall?

bedroom-inspiration-highly-regarded-white-bedding-ideas-with-white-covering-quilt-bed-sheet-as-well-as-black-portrait-frames-hang-on-white-wall-painted-bedroom-wall-decors-designs-elegant-white-beddiContribution by Sabina Kondakji : Don’t we all get bored from these empty walls in our bedroom? It is the time to spice your rooms a little bit with some creative and simple ideas.One of the best parts about moving DIY-ing is the fact that you get to transform your space all your own. Think of your blank walls as a canvas that you can fill with anything you like.Don’t just limit yourself to picture frames:There are plenty of ways to infuse your walls with warmth, personality and life.Check out the following ideas: (more…)

Makeup Organization Ideas


Contribution by Sabina Kondakji: Hello guys !! I hope you are all fine. Did you miss my Decor post? Well I do. This is time I’m back with a post about makeup storage. We all know that makeup mess we make everyday while doing our makeup. Having Organized makeup will help by reducing this mess.For today’s post, I will be giving you a bunch of easy DIY makeup organization that you must try. I hope it will help. Let’s start :


Easter/Spring Decor Ideas


Contribution by Sabina: Easter has landed and spring just sprung and who isn’t excited for that time of the year ? Personally,I wait impatiently for this period. Beside the religious part, it is the time to refill our souls with joy, happiness and positivism. So you should change exactly like the nature is changing. Now moving our to our subject: As you already know I will be a special guest on Fashionetpassion. I will be talking about everything concerning Decor. You may noticed from the title that in this post I will be giving you some easy decor ideas for spring or easter to decorate you houses.P.S : I found it really important to change your houses’ decor frequently, I helps you by changing your mood in a good way and adds positive vibes at home.Let’s start with the ideas: (more…)

Nutella Mousse

20150228_171725Weekend time refers to cheat time!! One of the most important thing when you are dieting is you make sure to have a cheat day. Annddd guess what guys ? yesterday was my cheat dayy!!! What I decided to do is try out a new yummy desert and u may don’t know that I love cooking, just another hobby( I do have lots of hobbies lol). Since it was my dad’s birthday, we got an idea of doing a cake for him. When Dad heard that I will doing a Nutella Mousse he freaked out because we are all addicted to nutella . Like seriously, when we got to the supermarket, the first thing we buy is Nutella , like it’s before bread haha. So Dad proposed helping me and we did this master piece together!! (more…)