Checking all the red carpet looks & Picking the worst and best dressed

SAG awards 2017: Best &Worst Dressed

The Screen Actors Guild Award  is finally here. So there is many red carpet looks to evaluate. This season, I was disappointed more than impressed: A lot of awkward and unsuitable dresses made an appearance. Unfortunately,  Nicole Kidman, Taraji P. Henson, and Emma Stone made it to the worst dressed list. Amy adams was  absulotely on the top of the Best dressed list. You will find in the following what I like and what I did not.  (more…)


Best Dressed: Cannes 2016


A-list attendees, Hollywood stars, celebrities , tons and tons of cameras’  flashes , red carpet  and beautiful dresses: Like who would not want to be in Cannes right now ? you already know how much I love fashion police and I wait for such events to see the celebrities’ looks . As usual lebanese designers made their presence on the red carpet.Make sure to continue reading to see my favorite looks:

Oscars 2016 : Best and Worst


Hello ladies!! Two reasons why I waited impatiently for the Oscars this year: Obviously, first to see the worst and the best dressed on the red carpet, second to see if Leonardo will f***ing win this Oscar. Like seriously he needs an Oscar for waiting that much. And finally after 12 years, He got it !! Congrats and he honestly deserved it. So, don’t forget guys patience is everything  and hard work will pay off at the end. Keep on pushing yourself to achieve your dreams and goals. Now moving on to the looks.The looks were divided by three categories: The good ones, The ” I don’t know how I feel about it ” ones and the badddd.  (more…)

Best Dressed for 2015

nrewww 329If you don’t know me well , then my favorite thing to do is  being a fashion police. I wait impatiently for the award events to check the celebrities looks. And for 2015 , some looks stuck in my mind and I thought that I had to share my best dressed for 2015 .   (more…)

Cannes 2015: All about lebanese designers


Welcome to the 68th edition of Cannes Festival. Well, I am not sure if it was in Cannes or in Lebanon ?! Lebanese Designers did it again: They dominated Cannes’ red carpet this season. More than 15 dresses were signed by Lebanese designers. Personally, I am literally proud !! Let’s hope that one day, I will see one of my designs worn on Cannes’ red carpet*fingers crossed*.  From Elie Saab to Zuhair Murad , From RTW to Haute couture collection , The dresses were FLAWLESS!! Here are my favorite looks :


Blake Lively : Fashion Icon


Remember Amal Clooney when she was our fashion icon for February ?? Well for this month, I was crushing over Blake lively’s style. I have to admit that I am really jealous from this woman. No, not because she is pretty,because her husband is RYAN RENOLDS ! Are you crying like me ? Now seriously talking this woman is incredible: After her pregnancy, she appeared with a killing body and mind blowing looks. Her choices were just astonishing. Today, I will be bringing to you her latest look in April month.

Oscars 2015: Best beauty looks

LOGO_OSCARS_3D-colorI might at first apologize to you guys for the lack of posting but I had exams for the past few days. Thanks God, I did well. Let’s hope I get marks as I hoped!! And I’m also so busy preparing the updated version of my blog: if u follow me on instagram u may know that I will be launching my own logo on 18th of March to celebrate FashionetPassion 8 months birthday and I will be adding some new categories and new guests will appear here. In this update, I will try to please all my kinds and we will be discussing everything here. So I’m really working on it and I can’t to reveal my work and I hope you will like it. Now moving on to our subject. One of the biggest award event is The Oscars. We can’t deny that we all wait it to see what the celebrities wore. (more…)