Contribution by Rita Ziade:Giving you a bunch of diet tips and healthy recipes

Low cal nut cake 

Contribution by Rita Ziade: Hello ladies!! Today’s post is about a low cal nut cake. mThis recipe mainly focuses on healthy fats from nuts and an appropriate amount of protein from the egg whites as well as the milk.Wanna know how to do this yummi cake ? Keep on reading… (more…)


How to Stay Fit During the Holidays

Boxing-Day-Buffet-Lunch-Christmas-Tree.jpgChristmas is around the corner and we all have this fear of gaining weight during the holidays. Christmas parties, family dinners, Christmas visits… All of these are packed with delicious yet fattening foods. One cannot run away from the Christmas cakes and fatty main courses, so I have a few tips in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the holidays. (more…)

Green Juice Recipe

 This post isnt a contribution by Rita Ziade , this time it is me who is writing a post about Fitness: Yes you just read that right. Everybody know that I am not a big fan of skinny bodies: thigh gaps , flat stomach and showing bones. I am someone who is really confident in her own body and love the way it is. In Fact, I prefer curvy bodies with a healthy weight, that’s why I decided lately to start working out and eating healthy food so I can get this curvy plus healthy body.  If you follow me on Snapchat ,  then you knew how much I have been obsessed with green juices. Every day, I drink one cup either before or after workout. It’s a perfect way to eat your greens and get multiple benefits for your body.For Today’s post, I will show the recipe due to your requests with some benefits of drinking green juices.


How To Stay Healthy While Eating out ?

bigstock-Woman-eating-at-restaurant-452152301Contribution By Rita Ziade : Summer is here, and trying to stay in shape is a bit of a challenge with the friendly gatherings at restaurants and the beach food menus. However, it is still possible to watch out for your waistline while eating out. Many people believe that “low-cal” or “light” menus in restaurants are the healthiest alternative, yet why limit yourself to some platters while you can modify any regular meal? Here are some tips to help you make healthy choices when you are eating outside home. (more…)

Healthy Brownies: Why not ?

 Hey everyone. One of our fellow readers asked for a few healthy dessert ideas. So I decided to share with you a recipe I tried a few times and turned out delicious: Bran Brownies. Many of you might wonder how can a brownie be healthy. Well, the ingredients will help you understand. (more…)

Pre & Post Workout Snacks


A fit body doesn’t come just from working out. It is said that a healthy body is made 70% in the kitchen and 30% in the gym. Working out but having a poor diet will not get you anywhere. Some people tend to work out and then go home and eat everything they find in the fridge or they go eating out and order fatty meals with empty calories. Moreover, some tend to have big meals and then go to the gym where they feel too bloated and tired which makes them lose the motivation to work out.Today I will be giving you a few ideas for some snacks and meals that you can have before and after a workout and that wouldn’t harm your diet or your performance at the gym. (more…)

Tips for a healthy breakfast


Hello everyone. Today, I will be giving you some tips to have a healthy breakfast. To me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it is the meal through which our metabolism wakes up, helping us in burning more calories. However, knowing what to have for breakfast is the key to success. I will be showing you some healthy foods and alternatives for breakfast. (more…)