Overdose Of Beauty

Including beauty products’ reviews , makeup tutorials & DIY and the latest trends

Skin Care Routine

Wherever I go and whoever I meet are shocked when I tell them: “I never suffered from acnes or any skin problem.” Thank God because treating skin problems can be very delicate and disturbing for the person. However, it doesn’t stop me from taking care of my skin. I have to admit I am a lazy person and it is kind of hard for me to stick to a skin care routine but I forced myself in order to keep my skin as good as it has always been. (more…)


Summer Hairstyles

trendssFrom weddings to work days or even beach days, we are always confused how to do our hair ? Personally, I think it is fun to try out new hairdos in summer. Trust me, a hairstyle can change your whole  outfit. Even designers were focusing alot on the beauty side including the hair and makeup. No need to mention, the stars and celebrities who are trend setters. Below you will see my favorite looks for this summer. Oh and don’t judge me if most of the picture are for Kendall. What can I do she rocks each and every hairstyle. (more…)

Top 5 Summer lipsticks

4059One of my favorite makeup products is the Lipstick.  Usually, lipsticks can change your whole makeup look, especially if you are too lazy to put some of effort on your eyelook.  This sums up my life in summer, most of my makeup looks consist of: Concealer, couple of coats of mascara and LIPSTICK.  Recently, makeup artists at fashion shows are focusing on keeping everything minimal and add a lipstick or overdoing the eyes with nude lips. In this post, I will show you top 5 summer lipsticks spotted on the runway and here are my picks: (more…)

Top 5 Beach essentials

maldivesThere is nothing better than spending these couple of days at the beach, either if you are staying in your county or traveling for another. One of the most popular destinations this time of year is Panama City Beach, Florida. HomeAway has some great rentals in the area that you can check out here
 Since I’ve got travel on my mind, I wanted to show you my top 5 beach essentials to have. (more…)