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Layering Series: Outfit #3

When you love that summer top and can’t let it go, What to do? Layering is always to the rescue.Thank God that this trend got back , because it is such an helpful one: it takes your outfit from simplicity to originality. Plus, it is a way to wear your summer items in winter.   (more…)


Layering Series: Outfit #2

Let me start this post by wishing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year❤️. I wish 2017 will be full of happiness and joy. Personally, 2016 was a life changing year full of challenges & surprises: From moving to another country and facing new culture. Also getting into university was a whole change. ( I will post an article about this, Stay tuned)  It was an extreme year where I had endless moments of laughter as well as the sad moments. (more…)

Bomber Jacket: Outfit #2

I am going to begin my post with a fashion confession. I am not a person who loves BLACK. I don’t feel like it is my color. All the black items that I own were: One Black blouse,jacket and pants. Nothing more, nothing less. By the time, I started getting more into black. I understand that it is  such a versatile color and essential in every woman’s wardrobe. (more…)

Bomber Jacket: Outfit #1

Bombers bombers bombers!!  They are one of the biggest trends this season. I desperately wanted to purchase one for the winter but luckily i found one hidden. As you all know I frequently hunt for clothes in my parents’ closet in which I always find pieces that I can wear.  My latest finding was this bomber from my dad’s closet. (more…)

Layering Series: Outfit #1

So glad to announce another style series on the blog: The layering Series. As you all know the layering trend is back. It is 90’s trend that is taking over the streetstyle looks and runways. It is such a playful trend where you can mix and match different colors and patterns. Also, it is a way to wear your summer clothes in winter. (more…)

10 ways of wearing BANDANA

Fotor_146877858111147Hello Ladies!! Lately, 90’s trends are taking over all the streetstyles and runways. Honeslty, I don’t mind because it is one of my favorite fashion eras. As you can see Bandanas were so trendy in that era and here it came back. Don’t judge why people wears them so often: Trust me, they are so versatile. And that’s what I am talking about in this post.10 different ways  to wear a Bandana (more…)

Trendy meets traditional

2016-07-03 07.09.14 2-1

Let me start this post by telling you Happy Eid and May God bless you all and your families. With all the Ramadan and Eid spirit around, I came up with this outfit.  Earlier, I was searching in my mum’s closet, as usual and I got my hands on this “Kaftan”. Personally, I never thought I could wear something like this, I feel it is different from my style or even my age.  (more…)