Elie Saab: Ready-to-wear 2017

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After launching a successful Egyptian Haute Couture collection that left us speechless and making a huge appearance for his designs at the Oscars’ red carpet, Elie Saab sandwiched these two events with a dark romantic collection. “I wanted something rich, maybe it is less commercial than before and more dramatic” said Saab. He wanted a “dramatic heroine. (more…)


Elie Saab Haute Couture SS17


How does it feel when your favorite designer presents a collection as a  tribute to your country? For those of you who don’t know, I am originally from Egypt. While I was watching the show ( live on Instagram lol), I got goosebumps, literally: These dresses inspired by Egyptian actresses in the 50’s era and Oum Khoulthoum’s song in the background left me speechless. You know why? (more…)

Elie Saab SS16: Young & CareFree Attitude

“Elie Saab is repetitive, same designs, same inspiration, same embroideries, bla bla bla…” Well, Saab has showed radical changes in his recent collection: In his Fall/Winter 2015 Ready-to-wear collection, he wanted the “Elie Saab” woman to look strong, fierce and confident. He adopted a military & edgy style. However, for SS16 collection, Elie Saab said backstage: “It’s not different, it’s the same. But the mix is different.”  “ I wanted to introduce a woman who takes the codes of the House and feels free to portray them in her own way” Summing up , The ELIE SAAB woman, this time, is young & free in her wardrobe and style. Let’s start with the first surprise of the show which was the presence of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid on the runway. (more…)

Elie Saab Resort 2016: The 70’s Hollywood Glamour


Again and again Elie Saab did it.This man never fail to impress me. I think I should do a specific category about him haha. You already know that he is my role model and you know how much he inspires and gives me hope.And each collection Elie Saab proves to us that he is truly a GENIUS. Recently, he launched his resort collection and here is a little review about it. There were seven mini themes nestled within Elie Saab’s Resort collection, but no matter. The through-line was clear: The Seventies Hollywood glamour. We can spot this  from floral palm prints and embroideries in the shape of abstract palm leaves on blouses, dresses and gowns. (more…)

Elie Saab RTW FW15: Edgy & Feminine


I think you can notice how much I love Elie Saab, he is my role model.Personally, I wait impatiently for his shows because every time he suprises us with new designs and ideas. This time, Elie saab went completely different: he wanted women to look more fierce, strong and edgy. Since he is the genius, the dresses weren’t complete without his own touch :The gowns were the most perfect combination of edgy & feminine.He used darker colors like: burgundy, khaki, black , dark blue and grey.


Elie saab : Prefall 2015 😍

Good morning !! Actually, its a very good morning , waking up and checking Elie saab’s prefall collection 👍. U may have noticed my big obsession with elie saab and how much I love him. And seriously talking , he never disappointed me: each collection is more beautiful and elegant than the other one. For this collection, Elie Saab found himself inspired by folk fantasy for the modern-day woman in mind. Those two themes fused together for an elegant outing filled with fur, lace, floral patterns and flared skirts. When the Elie Saab woman wants a bit more structure to her look she puts on an A-line jacket or a fitted pantsuit. Bags echo the season’s clothes in rich shades of purple and red as well as featuring snake-skin and floral motifs. So all over, the colours are gorgeous, pattern are fabulous ,fabrics are flawless , bags and shoes are amazing and the collection is BREATHTAKING .Now enjoy the pics 😍😍




























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Elie Saab : Genius

As the title said it , he is a genius. Elie saab is one of my fav designers not only lebanese. This man is the perfect meaning of creativity. Each collection is better than the last. When u look at these dresses, don’t you directly fall in love ? Don’t you??? He never fails to impress me. One of my wish, is to meet him ,attend his show and talk to him. “Dive into the deep blue” is a collection where elie saab changed a little bit his concept from the previous collection. He used new colours: popping orange and yellow, this beautiful sky blue and turquoise without forgetting the black and the white. Through he changed his inspiration, but we can always spot the femininity, elegance and glamour in his dresses. He adapts as well this 70 ‘s silhouette. He inserts different kinds of fabrics & prints. And the lighting at the catwalk really brightened up the show. Final two words to say : Chapeau bas 😍. Enjoy now my fav looks