Ralph & Russo Haute Couture SS17

russo8Ralph & Russo is a brand which has a strong Red Carpet presence. Since launching their house, an enviable number of Hollywood A-listers shined in their beautiful gowns. For this couture show, Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo presented a more contemporary and urban collection: A good range of daywear options accompanied some Red-carpet worthy gowns. (more…)


Chanel Haute Couture SS17

chanellAfter adopting an exaggerated theme and décor in so many shows, Karl Lagerfeld kept it calm. . There was neither immersive set nor overt theme. In fact, it was a mirrored circular runway inspired by the famed Art Deco mirrors of Coco Chanel’s stairs at her atelier on the Rue Cambon. (more…)

Makeup Organization Ideas


Contribution by Sabina Kondakji: Hello guys !! I hope you are all fine. Did you miss my Decor post? Well I do. This is time I’m back with a post about makeup storage. We all know that makeup mess we make everyday while doing our makeup. Having Organized makeup will help by reducing this mess.For today’s post, I will be giving you a bunch of easy DIY makeup organization that you must try. I hope it will help. Let’s start :


DIY : Christmas Decor🎅🎄

IMG_0203.JPGAs I promised on Instagram last week , that i will be showing you guys some cute christmas diy decor. These diy include ornaments, room decoration or table setup. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Growing up, I realised that my parents are from different religions. I have to admit that It was really confusing sometimes and also I felt unlucky because I was born in such a case, u know the family problems… After that, I realised how much I am lucky and I am so thankful for this blessing that God gave it to me : We actually celebrate all kind of celebrations, I give my ultimate respect & love to all religions and also I can easily marry from another religions. Can we just start become mature and stop all these discrimination and start by respecting each other. Now Let’s start with the DIYs : (more…)

3 Hairstyles for curly hair💇

Hello ladies!! I’m actually so excited to this post.When I search on youtube or on pinterest for some new easy hairstyles , I always find that it is impossible to do it with ur extremely curly hair. That’s why I will show guys 3 different and easy tutorials for the curly haired girls.
1. Rope Twist Bun: This hairstyle is classy and chic

First, divide your hair into 2 sections. Start twisting each side of your hair . Then, twist the two side together and create a side bun. Pull off some extra hair to make the look more messy and chic … And voilaaaa

2.Messy low ponytail: This hairstyle is for a sporty casual look

First, tie your hair in a low side ponytail. Create a hole above the tie . Take your ponytail and pass it through the hole. Finally pull your hair and We are DONE!!

3.Side Braided Hair: Simple but effective.

First, take a part of your hair and start “braiding” it, then tie it with an elastic .Take the other side of your hair. Join them together with a flower hairclip or a bow anddd VOILAAAAA.

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Not so monochrome😜

Good morning!! I will be showing you guys another fall outfit today. Who said that only dark and warm colours are the colours u can wear in the fall season? No one ?? So I decided to go with a very basic outfit and adding a pop of PINK to make it special. Firstofall, a white shirt is a must for fall. Personally , its a must for every season, because they are easy to style : they can be worn in a chic and classy way as well as sporty and casual way . And u may see me wearing this shirt a lot in the winter/fall time. I paired it with my black skater skirt. And we gotta have our boots because Its FALL 🙌🙌. Now if you have short fat legs, go for biker/ankle boots to make your silhouette looks better. And for tall skinny legs go for knee-length boots. Actually I thought this outfit will be boring without any colour, so I wore this lovely scarf because scarf is a fall fashion essential. To pick the right bag , i went for a mini pink pastel bag. Finally, I adde some cute vintage gold earrings and a funky watch. Now enjoy the pics 😍😜















Skirt: Vero Moda. // Watch & Earrings: Sk bijoux. // Scarf: Mouftah el Charek // Boots: Sport et Loisir. // Bag: Bershka

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Metallic purple by Akira

I’ve been crushing over this nailpolish for the past few weeks. And i thought that It would be perfect if i did a review about it.
Actually, I wasnt a fan about metallic nailpolishes, but one day I decided to try them out. So I saw this little baby and feel in love with the color.
Firstofall, the bottle is so pretty.

It’s called Metallic purple by Akira: a mix of silver and lilac purple 😍😍

And the quality is soo good. U only need 2 coats to have these beautiful nailpolished nails. It’s a perfect choice for the fall time. Must try it 👌


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