Elie Saab: Ready-to-wear 2017

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After launching a successful Egyptian Haute Couture collection that left us speechless and making a huge appearance for his designs at the Oscars’ red carpet, Elie Saab sandwiched these two events with a dark romantic collection. “I wanted something rich, maybe it is less commercial than before and more dramatic” said Saab. He wanted a “dramatic heroine. (more…)


Christian Dior : Ready-to-wear FW17


Paris Fashion Week just kicked off.  I have to admit that Maria Grazia Chiuri is succeeding at being Dior’s creative director. At first, the Valentino vibes were always at her couture shows. Then she started to illustrate a unique and new image of Dior though her imagination.” I wanted to speak about the Dior heritage but I also wanted to speak something about me “ explained  Dior ‘s female creative director, backstage at the  Musee Rodin, talking about her second ready-to-wear collection.  (more…)

A love story ❤️👰💑

And I’m finally back!! Ive been so busy the last week: christmas eve , the dinner, and my preparations for my cousins wedding. So i can have the chance here to tell to all my readers :Merry christmas from the bottom of my heart❤️🎅🎄. Now moving on to our subject, i was so happy with my total look from head to toe. Let’s start with my dress: i bought this dress from a shop called ” PODIUM” , located in Ashrafiyeh and they only sell ready to wear dresses.( P.S: if u need any information about the location, contact me by e-mail). And of course u know I’m not a skinny person and my mostly fat area is my chest , so its kind off hard to find the perfect dress that makes me look fabulous without embracing any of my disliked parts of my body. When i first saw the dress, I was sure thats the dress that i need. First of all , the colours are extremely elegant: white for purity and gold for royalty. It has a V-cut on the chest and then a wide white tulle.


Then for the colour of the shoes I was so confused, so i asked my beloved blogger Maya , founder of Playingwithfashion, and she advised me to wear a pair of burgundy pumps. And thats what I did.. She was right it goes perfectly with the gold and white

For accessories, i wore a vintage gold earrings and three bracelets with all metals colours. And of course my gold chain rings. So simple and chic

For my nails, I went for french. For me, this trend never gets old. For my hair, my hairdresser decided to curl the bottom of my hair then started teasing it to give some volume and TA DAAAAA . Finally, my makeup was based on light smokey eyes and burgundy lips


Here are some pics, so you can sport how I looked:

With my daddyy

Familia, the groom(my cousin) and the bride 😍

️Thank u for reading ❤️
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